Are you still a Bunny?

I’m not sure why or how it even started, but I call my boys my little bunnies.
I would kiss my husband Clayton on the nose and ask ‘are you still a bunny’ and he would always say yes and kiss me.
Over the past few years, being in and out of the hospital, we each had a stuffed bunny. We brought Clayton his bunny to the hospital and the boys and I each have one to snuggle.
My brave husband went to be with our Savior on Thursday. He put up the greatest, most inspiring fight I have ever seen. He loved me and the boys fiercely and refused to quit.
I have been planning his funeral the past few days and decided we would put his bunny with him.
I gave it to Connor to kiss before I took it to the funeral home. As he hugged it, an incredible ray of sun light entered the room.
I knew it was my kiss and telling me he was still my bunny.
Please say an extra prayer for me and the boys this week.