Behind the Scenes of The Celebrate Retreat

As a creative entrepreneur, I am frequently evaluating my life and I am constantly trying to get clarity on how I should be investing my time and energy.

Especially this past year.

If you are new here and just getting to know me, my personal life has led me to be in a continuous state of intentional living and constant celebration while embracing joy and enduring trials.

Between infertility and cancer, darkness has been a huge part of my adult life.

Last year my husband was diagnosed with cancer for the third time and my sister in law died from breast cancer. Sisters, let me tell you that I got real clear about what the priorities are in my life.

My search for clarity has led me to discover that crushing mom guilt, conquering overwhelm and cultivating celebration are the gifts that I have been given to share with you.

One way I have chosen to do this is through thoughtfully curated, luxury self care retreats around the world, called The Celebrate Retreat.

In order for me to tell you more about The Celebrate Retreat, I feel like I need to share my process with you. I always seek to improve after each retreat but here is a look behind the scenes right now.

Every retreat is different.

The location may be the same and some of the topics we cover may be the same, but because each group of women that walks through the door is different, I am constantly changing the agenda and how I choose to care for each one of you.

So what does that look like?

First I pick a location. My job as a destination wedding planner has given me the privilege of traveling the world the past 8 years. I have a special skill set that allows me to know how to find incredible venues that will accommodate exactly what a client is looking for.

I just happen to be the client in this case!

I look for venues that offer an environment of peace and calming. I want a venue that is boutique in nature and encourages connection and community. I need a venue that also allows space for each one of you. Space for quiet moments. Space to dream. I want a venue that reminds you of beauty in the world.

My criteria list for the venue is long, really long. It has to be perfect for you and I love finding just the right place to welcome you home for a life changing weekend.

After the location has been chosen, I share the destination, pricing and and a sample itinerary.

Then, I wait for you.

I wait for the tired mama who just needs a break.

I wait for the woman who is going through a divorce and needs to find herself again and be supported.

I wait for the grandmother who is in a place of transition and needs space to choose who she wants to be.

I wait for the creative entrepreneur who wants to be inspired again and live life more passionately.

I am waiting for you.

When you say yes to The Celebrate Retreat, I do a little dance.

Yep. Each time I get your email confirmation, I literally do a little dance at my desk.

I am genuinely so so happy for you!

I am excited to meet you and can’t wait to spend a weekend celebrating you and cheering you on.

After my dance, I send you a questionnaire. It's a tiny bit long, it goes beyond surface level and pushes you to dig a little so I can really get to know you.

Then the detective work begins.

I read every single word that you write down.

I pray and ponder about the best way to serve you and make you feel celebrated.

I research thoughtful gestures that I know will surprise and delight you.

I spend hours dreaming and planning for you. I try to think of all the ways that I can serve you. Not just the entire group of attendees, but specifically you.

Once everyone has registered, you are added to a private facebook group of all the attendees.

The weeks leading up to the retreat I ask a lot of questions in the group. Anything from your favorite foods to what activities you are interested in.

I want to know every detail and as much knowledge of you as I can so that you have a thoughtfully curated experience and an incredible weekend.

I also want you to get excited about meeting the other women joining you. You may come alone, but it won’t be that way for long. I promise.

Then, about two weeks before you arrive at the retreat, we schedule a phone call.

Not a text.

Not a facebook message.

An old school phone call where I get to hear your voice.

We spend an hour or so getting to know each other and I offer you a safe space to share what you want and need from the retreat.

Then it’s finally time to arrive at the retreat.

It’s time to celebrate!

I don’t want to spoil your surprises and share all the details with you but I can tell you this.

During the retreat you will indulge in delicious foods and will have the opportunity to enjoy walks along the beach feeling the warm sand between your toes.

You can embrace the quiet moments to curl up with a good book and a cup of tea, express your greatest desires in your journal or simply take a nap.

You will end the day connecting with new friends over a glass of wine or possibly s’mores by the fire. There are so many possibilities and unique experiences waiting for you.

When you are unpacking and cleaning the sand out of your suitcase,

  • You will feel genuinely loved
  • You will have crushed mom guilt
  • You will feel celebrated
  • You will know that you are worthy

When you return home you will be able to serve those around you with a larger capacity because you feel rejuvenated and have clear intentions for your days.

When you set out to reach your goals this year you will have clarity on what you want your life to look like.

You will leave with new friendships and a celebration squad for life.

 You will know how to celebrate yourself, how to celebrate others and how to acknowledge even the smallest wins in your daily life to cultivate happiness.

After the retreat, you will be invited to join a private facebook group for Celebrate Retreat alumni only.

We are your Celebration Squad.

This incredible group of women will be your biggest cheerleaders. My hope for the Celebration Squad is for every woman to consistently show up to share your wins and cheer each other on.

As a member of the Celebration Squad, you also get special discounts and are always the first to know about the next retreat or special events.

It’s truly a celebration of sisterhood.

So? What do you think?

I hope you have a better understanding of what The Celebrate Retreat is all about and enjoyed the sneak peak into my behind the scenes process!

I would love for you to be part of the Celebration Squad and join me on my next self care retreat! 

Thoughtfully, Chelsey