Certified to Get All Up in Your Heart and Brain

Happy Friday Friends!

It’s been a tough two weeks without my husband Clayton but we are taking it one day - one hour? - at a time and trying to find joy as often as we can.

I want to share something that has been a dream of mine and how good it feels to be walking in alignment especially this week as we figure out a new normal.

If you didn’t see me share that I finished a coaching certification- I finished an incredible class and I am officially certified to get up all in your heart and your brain!!

Y’all it’s been life giving to me this week to coach a few of you and I just can’t stop smiling and soaking in your energy for the visions that God has given you.

Thank you to all of the incredible women in my path that are striving to fulfill God’s purpose for their life.

The blessing has been mine in getting a glimpse of your inner workings and helping you reach your goals.

This weeks theme was social media. Every conversation I had this week was a question related to this in some way.

My favorite thing about my coaching model though is how quickly I can get you to the heart of the issue.

The good stuff, the stuff that’s really holding you back like fear, not feeling enough, desiring acceptance, rejection and vulnerability.

You can make so much progress in just one call that it literally blows my mind.

God is good friends. He is faithful and I am grateful to be walking in this new calling beside you.

I have some big plans for 2022 but I want to end the year with lots of love and growth and celebration so I’m inviting you to join me on a five week journey starting right after Thanksgiving that will lead us into the new year.

I will be standing with you, doing the work with you and cheering you on louder than you’ve ever experienced.

I need this. You need this. Let’s do it together.

You in?

Message me and let’s get started.