Five Months

It’s been 5 months since my husband Clayton died. A beautiful friend invited us to find healing through her beach house and it’s been such a gift. The beach is my happy place and on this day that inevitably comes each month, it feels so good to be here amongst the sunshine, sand and sea. God feels nearer here. It’s been a very long 152 days but I feel like I’m finally coming up for air. The grief brain is still real - I forgot to pack our bathing suits for a week at the beach - but I feel clearer and lighter than previous months and that feels like a blessing. We miss Clayton everyday. Some days he feels close and others I wonder where he is. The boys are so brave. They surprise me and bring me more joy than I could have ever expected. I’m finding strength I always knew was there and a desire to live even more fully than ever before. Celebrating Clayton has always been easy. Today we are celebrating the lessons he showed us, the love he gave us and the light he is in our lives. On this anniversary of his death, I Invite you to love bigger, celebrate more and live fully embracing all of your gifts.