Grief Naps

I took a nap today. I typically don’t take naps during the day but I gave myself what my body needed. Grief sometimes takes over and I have to give it space so I can show up as my best self. My brain isn’t great about slowing down though and I woke up dreaming about you! This past week I have been putting together the details for my Spring Celebrate & Grow group. I had the most incredible time during the five weeks we spent together in winter and it’s time to do it again. I’ve made a few changes so that it fits perfectly with this season of change and I think you are going to love it. We will have five weeks of Spring cleaning our mind, body and soul plus a lot of celebrating! If you have been thinking of getting support on a goal, a change you have on your heart and are ready to Celebrate & Grow I want to invite you to join me. Message me or put a 🌷 in the comments and let’s chat. We start next month. You in?