It's OK to Cry on the Football Field

I fell apart at the football field today.
It was Gabriel’s first football practice. Clayton missed it. I didn’t know it would feel so heavy. It caught me off guard. Clayton would have loved this. He would have wanted to be out there on the field. I held my own - I can throw a pretty damn good football - my brother holds the Texas record as a quarterback so I learned a few things - but today hit me hard. I’m sad he won’t ever get to see our boys play football. It hurts my heart so much. We were such a great team, especially with the boys and sports. We couldn’t wait to be parents and enjoy this time as a family. I’m devastated he has to miss this. My throat is in pain and my tears just won’t stop. Today was one of those days that I don’t know how I will do this. How do we do this without you? But you know me, I’m trying to celebrate all of our wins. Through tears I am celebrating the joy on Gabriels face during practice, that I am healthy and physically capable of teaching him and that you are always in our hearts cheering us on. Keep finding the joy friends. 🏈