Listen to the Call

A few years ago God asked me to write a book. I didn’t do it. Between cancer, covid, miscarriage, failed adoption, running two businesses, homeschool and the day to day of raising a family, I didn’t make writing a priority. But this year I want to change that. February 24 - 27 I will be joining forces with @everydaylegacies for a luxury, all inclusive winter writing retreat. The details alone are worth the investment (you know I love thoughtfulness and surprises!) but the one on one time with an expert is what I’m looking forward to the most! Plus the dedicated time away to focus on writing with no distractions is looking really nice too!! Do you have a book on your heart? Are you longing to write your personal history? I invite you to boldly step into the role God has called you to be and let’s get it done - together. Message me for the details. Who need this too?