New Vacuum Magic

I bought a new vacuum. It has an automatic chord where you just push the button and the chord magically hides itself in the vacuum. The problem is, I couldn’t figure out how to get the chord back in. I looked for the switch, a button, I tried to push the chord back in by hand and none of it worked. Especially me trying to push the chord back in by sheer force! My son, who is 10, skipped right over and said in his most cocky pre teen voice, it’s right here mom! Sure enough, I pushed the button and boom! The magic happened and the chord went back inside. I feel like coaching has been like my son showing me the button that was there the whole time but I just missed it. There are things in our life that we want to change or improve on and often we can’t see how to fix them. Just like I have vacuumed a thousand more times than my child, you as a smart, capable woman may need help seeing your obstacles from a different perspective. As your coach, I can help you see the button that was there all along and you get to experience the magic happen! Plus I promise to be your biggest cheerleader - no cocky pre teen attitude or duh mom glares! Message me and let’s help you find that magic! Stop trying to push the chord back inside the vacuum with sheer force mama. I’m here to support you. As always cheering you on! ✨