Our Wedding Anniversary

Today is my wedding anniversary. Every time I start to write something the tears just overwhelm me so I am sitting here with snot running down my nose and tears blurring the screen. But I want to acknowledge and celebrate our wedding anniversary with you so be patient with me as I try my best. The day we got married was a gorgeous day in Texas. It was 70 degrees in January and couldn’t have been more perfect. Not the wedding, the wedding was kind of a mess, but the weather was incredible!! I had been a wedding planner for seven years before we got my married so my expectations and knowledge of weddings was high. Despite that, so many things went wrong. But it was a beautiful day filled with family and friends and we celebrated a long awaited day. One of the biggest laughs was when I took my shoes off during the ceremony. Weird. I know. But hear me out. Being an event planner, I knew how quickly the day goes by and my intention for the wedding was to be fully present. So during the ceremony my brand new - gorgeous! - shoes were killing me! I literally couldn’t think straight so I decided to just take them off and be truly present as we shared our vows. Everyone got a good laugh, I shrunk about five inches but I was immersed in the moment and wouldn’t change my choice! At the end of the wedding when everyone had left, Clayton and I were leaving dinner and in the hotel restaurant was a live band playing “At Last”. The singer had an incredible voice that drew us in. We stopped right there and just slow danced. It felt like a private intimate concert for just the two of us. It’s a moment I will always remember. There were so many sweet moments I am keeping close today. Clayton and I didn’t have the perfect marriage. We had so many obstacles and trials. But he was my best friend and I loved sharing my life with him. Knowing we don’t get to make any more memories makes the ones we have so much more meaningful. Happy anniversary loves. I miss you.