The Time We Have

Can you believe we are almost to May! The past six months have been the longest and yet somehow also the fastest? One thing about experiencing death first hand is it makes you super aware of time. I am consistently evaluating my days and try to make sure I am only doing the things that truly matter most. In sharing that, I need to tell you that if you have been thinking about coaching with me, NOW is the time. May and June are the only two months I will be taking on new clients. I am having a surgery in July (I will share more details about this soon!) and I am ‘moving’ for six weeks in August and September. I can’t wait to tell you where! So, let’s get you on my calendar. The work that I do with women who are looking for transformation is so powerful. It’s worthy of my time and more importantly it’s worthy of your time. Invest in yourself in May or June and let me walk beside you through change. Here are a few things my amazing clients are doing right now. Turning 50 and finally celebrating herself. Turning 50 and ready to find a career she loves. Turning 40 and claiming her confidence and spark back. Turning 45 and starting over. New house, new man and new goals! Use your birthday as a catalyst for change! It’s the most fun way to grow and I can’t wait to cheer you on! Message me and let’s get started next week! ✨