Thoughtful Traditions: Hands on Guide + Monthly Holiday Planner

Thoughtful Traditions: Hands on Guide + Monthly Holiday Planner

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Friends! Can you believe that the holiday season is here?

During this season, my desire to help you create thoughtful traditions with your families has been elevated and experiencing moments that matter is more important than ever. 

I believe thoughtful traditions are made of the things that truly matter most and I can’t think of anything better worth sharing.   

As a professional event planner, holiday enthusiast, bucket list expert and thoughtful traditions specialist I have spent years perfecting how to be more prepared for the holidays so I can have more joy and less stress!

I have created this hands on guide to help you crush mom guilt, conquer overwhelm and cultivate celebration. 

The first 35 pages are written ebook style specifically for you and the challenges we all face especially during the holiday season. We walk through expectations, guilt, overwhelm, schedules, boundaries, and calendars. I teach you how to cultivate celebration with systems, anticipation and reminiscing. 

The last 90 pages are hands on worksheets and checklist to help you have the most joyful celebrations all year long.  

This guide is the best gift you can give yourself this holiday season. This is a digital file that you will have access to immediately. Print it out, get to work and let's celebrate together with less stress and more joy! 

Your Hands on Guide to Crushing Mom Guilt, Conquering Overwhelm and Cultivating Celebration During the Holidays. 

  • Introduction
  • Expectations
  • Financial Guilt 
  • Commitment Guilt 
  • Bucket List Guilt 
  • Family Guilt 
  • Conquering Overwhelm 
  • Fierce Foundations 
  • Step One: Understand Your Value
  • Step Two: Identify Your Priorities 
  • Step Three: Build a Foundation Schedule 
  • Step Four: Mama Bear Boundaries 
  • Calendars 
  • Cultivating Celebration 
  • Systems
  • Step One: Prep 
  • Step Two: Set Up 
  • Step Three: Celebrate
  • Step Four: Clean Up 
  • Anticipate 
  • Remember 
  • Getting Started 
  • Holiday Action Plan 
  • Brain Dump 
  • Holiday Success Statement
  • Family Holiday Plan 
  • Holiday Binder Checklist
  • Printables (Monthly Checklist, Shopping List, Grocery List, Menu + Inventory)